What the Hell Did I Just Read?


I am currently working on a new short story and it begins something like this: I often saw Ms. Jane walking through our building. We would greet each other courteously, “Hello, Michael,” she would say with a polite smile. “Hello, Ms. Jane,” I’d respond with a nod. Ms. Jane was old and lovely and I wanted […]

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Because I Killed a Dog


This is another original short story that was published in The Purple ’13. _______________________________________________________________________________________ I’m on the bus and I see a one-armed French man. It’s not the baguette that gives him away, but his accent, as he asks for the empty seat next to me. I look at him, with his stump arm, cut […]

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Shave for the Brave

breast cancer ribbon_breast cancer treatment_alternative cancer treatment_Kanzius Noninvasive Radiowave Cancer Treatment

$2… $5… $10… Any little bit helps! Something entirely different, but still for a good cause. I have pledged to shave my head in support of cancer research. If you would like to donate (and I encourage that you do) just follow the link. Thank you in advance… http://main.acsevents.org/site/TR/RelayForLife/RFLCY14NE?team_id=1633000&pg=team&fr_id=60637

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My Gay Friend the Rainbow Cat

Tree Hole

This piece was published in the literary magazine The Purple ’13. It’s a little bit longer than the other short stories I have posted, but I hope you enjoy it nonetheless… _______________________________________________________________________________________ I had just recently moved into a small apartment on the South Side of Chicago when I encountered Rainbow cat. I noticed him […]

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Sexual Identity in Writing


I recently stumbled upon an interview that Tony Kushner gave a few years back where he discussed writing, theatre, his life and various other general topics. I’ve been a fan of Kushner since I read Angels in America and my reading of this interview happened to coincided with a class discussion I had on sexual identity […]

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And the Baby Shattered like Rubber

blogger black hole

Here is another original short-story. This one is inspired by one of my favorite authors Daniil Kharms _______________________________________________________________________________________ The old nurse dropped the baby that was thrown to her and it shattered like rubber and bounced all over the room into hundreds of little pieces. “Why didn’t you catch it,” the pale nurse asked. “You […]

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Negotiating Class Selection


It’s a wonderful time for students of academia at College of the Holy Cross as our “backpacks” are now open and we can begin to decipher which classes we want to take for next semester. For some students, this can be a time of stress, a time of credit counting and realizations that three accounting […]

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On Sticking to Your Strengths


Hello peeps, I have a guest blogger today, Rachel from rachelblogs.com. She’s an English major at Holy Cross writing to reassure those of you struggling with your process. Interestingly, she also lost in the National Spelling Bee with her failure to spell the word “seceded.” Over to you Rachel…   How many times have you heard […]

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Struggling With Writers Block


Imagine for a moment as the genesis of a profound and amazing idea radiates through your cranium. All of the humor, the sadness, the joy and the depth of this piece momentarily unfolds and presents itself. You hurriedly reach for a pen, or your laptop, and begin to write. Weird figures, half phrases, bizarre scenes […]

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I Looked at the Moon


Another original short (short) story. At the end of the long walk, guided only by the flint and speckled observance of flashlights, my feet rested near the edge of a ridge. The moon – big – unmasked itself from behind a journeying cloud. The light, making soft shadows out of the tress and hills, bore […]

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The Mash-Up of Originality


I recently read an article on author Mark Rayner’s blog discussing an idea he called the mash-up mentality. Basically, Mr. Rayner is questioning if anything we produce anymore is actually original, or is just a constant mash-up and repackaging of preceding art, writing and culture. As a blogger, and as a person who is repackaging […]

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Writing Personally


Last week I had the pleasure of attending a reading by author Peter Trachtenberg. In front of a small group of roughly one hundred students, he read from his book 7 Tattoos: A Memoir in the Flesh. He used his tattoos as a lens to explore ideas and themes that were related very personally to his […]

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